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Educational licenses are available

Get the Educational Version in Canada

Buy the Digital Download

Buy the Video on Demand educational version to watch the film on whatever device you choose, in any educational setting in Canada.

If you are a teacher in British Columbia, BC Transplant has licensed the film for your use, and it is available free in most school libraries. For only $25, you can also purchase your own copy, which includes access to the BC version of the Teachers Guide. Contact us to get this great deal.

BC Teacher’s Guide Available in French & English! 

Password to download the guide is supplied with purchase.

If you think our film belongs in schools, we agree! BC Transplant partnered with us to create the current version of our High School Teacher’s guide and to help get the film used in BC Schools. The guide was written by Stacy Brine –  a teacher who happens to be  Eva’s cousin. They also licensed the film for all of BC high schools.

We are seeking more partners to help tailor study guide content for other markets and to subsidize costs to schools. Our mission is to have this wonderful film have a lasting impact through outreach to younger audiences. If you can help us with this, please get in touch!